For the Little Ones


First Cut

Hair cuts and can be exciting but scary at times and your little ones first hair cut is a major milestone which we would like to make their experience a positive one.  As a Mum and Senior Stylist, Heidi will take extra care of your munchkins and use her Mum magic to make them feel relaxed. We will even give you a special keepsake certificate & envelope with a lock of your bubs hair.

little boy.jpg


Its important the little ones feel special from the moment they walk trough the salon door. Glam Rock Hair provides a child friendly environment and we will do whatever it takes to get a clip, by providing your little ones fave show on You Tube or you may even get a semi-fabulous rendition of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star or ABC from Heidi… as long as your little one agrees to sing along LOL


Mini Me's

Our kids these days also want to keep up with trends and often become our little ‘Mini Me’s’. They want to feel confident and fashionable as well so lets help them develop their own personal style and school yard look. Whether it’s a trim or their first real style, we make sure our Glam Fam Mini’s will leave with a great style and a big smile.